How to go to France and come back a d-bag

My friend posted this article, “How to go abroad and come back an a-hole,” and it’s pretty hilarious.  And also super relevant to moi. Although I am not American, I will be going abroad to Europe and I anticipate many ‘reflective pose with my scarf on a cobblestone street’ pictures. JUST KIDDING….maybe 😉

So if I may modify this list a little to make it a bit more France-centric…

Number 1

Complain about the crappy quality of food as compared to French cuisine. In fact, a true d-bag would spit out any wine that is not French. Can you even call it wine?

Number 2

Use any opportunity, appropriate or not, to show off your new ‘perfect’ French accent. And scorn the Quebecois accent – it is not ‘real’ French anyway.

Number 3

Upon your long-awaited return, sigh and audibly wish you were back in France.

Ok. So.

I definitely value food and wines from around the world, so the first bullet on my list will NEVER happen.

And my love of Quebec runs pretty deep, Quebec just has this great vibe that makes it a fun-loving, easy going place. I really have nothing against their accent, since I was taught French by both Quebecois and non-Quebecois teachers so they both seem normal to me.

But I make no promises for #3 😛


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