Top 5 ways I procrastinate. Short answer: I blog.

1. Write new blog posts

It really is my new way of procrastinating! And perhaps that leads you to thinking….


I started blogging because I’ve been told successful marketers market themselves through as many channels as possible: people/networking, social media platforms, and…I don’t know, wearing a sandwich board declaring “I’M FOR HIRE! I’M EAGER, EVEN IF I’M NOT QUALIFIED! I’M NOT STUPID! HIRE MEEEEE”

Oh! It strikes me another way to advertise yourself is by dressing well. I don’t do that. I suppose that’s the next step. But the sandwich board seems much more direct 🙂

But yes. I started blogging because someone sort of told me to. But the more I post, the more I like it! I have a lot of stupid things that float through my head that make me and my friends laugh, so why not make a log of them? I asked my roommate what stops her from blogging, and she said she doesn’t think anyone will read it. I don’t think anyone will read mine either, but I do it anyway. There are other benefits of blogging that don’t include garnering a following. For example, I get to practice writing freestyle!

And by blogging, I’ve also started reading other people’s blogs, which has sort of led me to the discovery of fun, exciting career paths I would love to follow.


Careers I would LOVE that I have discovered through blogging:

1. FOOD TOUR LEADER – Lead tourists around a city, take them into restaurants, order best dishes at restaurant, walk out, and repeat. Discovered while surfing: website:

2. FOOD BLOGGER – Blog about food adventures. I’m going to do this anyway, but it would be great if I could make it my life and maybe even get paid for it like Mijune of

3. PROFESSIONAL BACKPACKER – I idolize people who get paid for travel writing, like the authors of Lonely Planet, or the guy(s?) who maintain the successful travel blog . I especially find the honest post about how he left the comfy corporate job to start travelling. It seems like a dilemma I would face, but maybe if I anticipate it, I can avoid it?

But I digress. To continue my list of things I do to procrastinate:

2. Open fridge. Close fridge. Open fridge again. Repeat until something catches my eye.

3. Groom – paint nails, take super long showers, give myself facials.

4. Hop around twitter

Stupid twitter. I follow so many interesting people who post interesting links, I could do this for hours. The strangest place I ended up on a twitter-hop was the Skittles candy website ( – it is SO TRIPPY but it’s a really unique blog. I admire it’s layout, and it’s courage of being so weird.


Does anyone else notice that ‘weird’ is in? Lady Gaga is weird, Rihanna is trying to be weird, a lot of commercials targeting youth are weird (Eg. Muchmusic’s ad for “Pretty Little Liars,” the Virgin Mobile ads, Jack in the Box commercials, the Skittles commercials). Weird is in, apparently.

5. Read manga/Watch anime

I took to this habit last year, in my 2nd year of undergrad. Reacting to the trauma of exams, one of my best friends started watching Sailor Moon on youtube. I started doing this, but then they switched the voice actor of Sailor Moon in some season. After the switch, I couldn’t stand watching the episodes in English, so I started watching the original Japanese – and MY MIND WAS BLOWN. The voice actors were so much more expressive, the dialogue was deeper, the plots were darker and more complex, and I began picking up some Japanese words.

So I thought there must be something to this Japanese cartoon thing. And my love of anime began 🙂 I watched Zero no Tsukaima on the recommendation of my roommate, who dabbles in anime. It’s light, girly, and doesn’t make you think too hard.Then I discovered the guys in my dormitory loved the anime Bleach, and from there I got addicted. Bleach is my love, and if you want to get into an anime, I would completely recommend it. It’s sort of dark, has a complex plot with interesting and believable characters, and a lot of intense fight scenes.


And I completely see that this post is completely contradictory to my ‘Trick yourself into studying post.” But I’m human, I study as hard as I can, and then I procrastinate the rest of the time.

And am I the only one who things that EVERYTHING becomes 10000x more fun when you are supposed to be studying? Food tastes better, hanging with your friends is more fun, and working out is more satisfying. It makes procrastinating that much more tempting. Curse you, procrastination!

Good luck fighting against procrastination!

-Shiv 🙂


2 responses to “Top 5 ways I procrastinate. Short answer: I blog.

  1. I would totally be a food-anything. Like one of those people who host TV shows where they go travel to different places and experience different cuisines? That would be awesome. I also want to be a craft blogger!

    • You ARE a craft blogger! I legitimately wonder if you also get paid to promote Modcloth, too. Because of your posts, Nancy and a bunch of other people I know are into it now!

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