Chronicles of a jobless student: Part II

So…I kind of have a job now. It’s a part-time waitress/busser position at a breakfast diner in the city, run by a nice Taiwanese family.

But here are the catches:

  • It doesn’t pay all that well
  • It has NOTHING to do with Marketing
On the upside:
  • The people I’m working for are super nice.
  • The work itself is really easy
  • The customers are adorable – They’re mostly these old people who’ve been coming to the diner for 10 years, they’re such characters it really reminds me of old-fashioned diners in movies. In fact, a movie approached the diner I’m now working at to ask if they could film a scene there – and they will, in June.
      The work environment itself is a big bonus, BUT I gotta be cutthroat about making money if I want to afford my trip to France. Which means I’m still going to an interview for another part-time position this week, and I’m also scheduled to promote Captain Morgan’s Rum in liquor stores for a day.
      I’m actually kind of looking forward to that, because all I do is give away free samples, hope people buy it, and let them take pictures with a giant cardboard Capt. Morgan….LOL!
        The job search continues for another job to supplement the one I have right now, because I know I won’t make enough money serving people toast a few days a week. I’m really glad that amidst all this uncertainty, my internship is pretty kick-ass. I do a little work with it everyday, and it was such a good idea to give my time for free to a business that’s more in line with my future career path. My friend, who’s studying Business at SFU, is planning on doing the same – Canada Border Agent by day, fashion blogger by night. When she starts it up I will definitely promote her on this site 🙂
                                                                                        BONUS TANGENT!

A happy side effect of working on my internship is finding out all these GREAT travel blogs that I’m *forced* to look up (I know, poor me). So here are some great travel articles I’ve just come across recently:

1. Travel and the Single Girl (oh yeah, this one hits close to home)
2. NOT a porn article, but a hilarious and offbeat adventure of a girl traveller in Hong Kong
3. Travel Talk on Twitter – the topics of discussion and dates are all on this facebook site, and I’ve had a lot of fun reading the discussions as a break from studying
4. Unusual places around the world worth seeing
5. A Dutchman who freeloaded his way across the world, and ended up travelling all across Europe, eventually ending up in Canada without spending any money. May I have your life, please?
6. And what would a list from Shiv be without a nod to food? Here’s a must-eat foodie checklist of the best places to eat the best dishes (makes me proud that I’ve definitely had one of them – Nanaimo Bars – before!) 
BONUS TANGENT #2!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

The radio is right beside my bed at home, so when I have trouble getting up, or if I’m just feeling jaunty in the morning, I click it on and squirm in my bed before I finally get up. I was REALLY pleasantly surprised to here this song about Vaseline first thing in the morning, and actually got out of bed giggling because of it.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The Flaming Lips – She don’t use jelly


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