Chronicles of a jobless student III

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A lot has happened since my last post. So much that I believe A NUMBERED SEQUENCE is in order:

(by chronological order)

1. I quit working at the Mom and Pop breakfast diner for the primary reason that the second impression of my boss did not match the first impression, and I could no longer work under someone who treats employees that badly. I am so glad I quit.

2. I picked up a 2nd part time job as a dishwasher at this popular piano bar in a nearby town. I’ve dishwashed in high school before. The work itself sucks – imagine scrubbing difficult pots and pans for 5-9 hours in a row in an industrial sink, up to your elbows in sludge – but the people are actually really nice, very patient with newcomers, and really funny. They could not be more different from the upstanding (yet strict and insulting) religious bosses at my old place – as soon as I entered the kitchen on my first day, I heard someone scream at someone else (jokingly) to suck on a nasty appendage, and they play the metal rock music radio station (which plays a lot of songs I like, and a lot of songs I am beginning to like!). I also get free fancy food 🙂 So it’s about as good as dish washing gets.

3. I picked up another part time job as a waitress at a Vietnamese classy restaurant in my town. And to get this job, I had to apply to it twice (I gave them my resume in early May, and then 2 weeks later I see that they posted a ‘Help Wanted’ ad on craigslist. So I bear down on them with another resume. And within a couple of days, I get an interview with the manager who is refreshingly honest and business professional, who explained she didn’t give me a call at first because I am not Vietnamese (darn), and being Vietnamese would make it easier for her to train me. I said I am willing to learn, I have some experience in Vietnamese cuisine (my best friend is Vietnamese, and it pays off!), and she in turn said that I seem smart, willing to learn and pretty (apparently this is another requirement for waitresses) so she is willing to give me a chance. I will be starting next week 🙂 And I’ve pretty much memorized the menu. Much easier to memorize than the breakfast place’s menu, because I think I’m more interested in Vietnamese cuisine 🙂 eheh

4. I got a call for an interview at a retail store you have probably heard of: Old Navy. I submitted my resume during a general online blast, and let me tell ya, the online blast of probably 100+ resumes did NOTHING but get me one phone call from Old Navy. My interview with the manager went really well, and he told me he would definitely recommend me onto the next stage of the hiring process: the interview with his manager. Great, right? That was about…6 days ago, and I plan on being pushy and giving them a call tomorrow to see what’s up. It’s a seasonal position selling clothes and being a cashier…and somehow, I think retail is much less stressful than restaurant jobs just because people who are shopping usually aren’t hungry, cranky, drunk and/or pressed for time.

5. I am getting a super small salary from my ‘unpaid’ internship because my internship supervisor likes what I am doing with the Twitter accounts! YES! I knew signing up on Twitter in February would pay off. I freaking love that site to bits. (Follow me @ShivaniMukerji SHAMELESS PROMOTION FTW or my professional yet awesome Twitter @studygoabroad you know you are curious.) And the internship is seriously paying off in about a million ways completely unrelated to money: it keeps me sane while I work blue collar jobs, it keeps me inspired to stick with my career path, I have gained great new contacts and insight into the industry of my dreams, tourism, and the work itself is directly beneficial to me! I look up sites, blogs, articles, flickr accounts, vlogs and anything else that would inspire students to STUDY AND GO ABROAD. As a result, I have many many many links to my inspiration and possible career paths I can take after I graduate.

6. I got rejected from the one ‘real’ job that I had gone through the interview process for. I applied to the general database of youth resumes for the Canadian Government, and got shortlisted for a position as a Youth Services Officer. After being shortlisted, I had to confirm I was still interested, give a written assessment, submit 2 references, be cleared by security, and undergo a conference call interview. All that effort down the drain. Ah well. I suppose blue collar jobs are now my next best option.

So there you have it. It turned out that what my stepmother said about jobs came true; no offers, and then all of a sudden you get multiple offers. I sincerely hope I get the Old Navy job so I can quit the other two, although they do have their good points. Mostly, I’ll be sad to say goodbye to the free food.

Oh! And I was pleasantly surprised to hear from my dad that my prospects of being hired after I graduate is low. I mean, I already knew that because they tell us this all the time at UBC, but hearing it from his mouth was a relief because it seemed like he didn’t believe the job market was as tough as it is until he saw a CBC report on it. Now, it’s OFFICIAL that it is ridiculously difficult to get hired after you graduate! HURRAH!

My plan on beating the market is to entirely escape it, take my own advice and go work abroad. I’ll teach English, be an Au Pair, or work in hostels as long as I can get opportunities to travel. Plus, any international experience will be relevant to my long term career plan.

On that note, I leave you with the latest thing I am excited about: VANCOUVER FOOD TOUR IS HIRING FOOD TOUR GUIDES. Could you imagine how ecstatic I would be if I were PAID TO LEAD GROUPS OF HUNGRY PEOPLE TO THE BEST SPOTS TO EAT IN VANCOUVER? YEAH.

I am also excited about this song. It plays all the time in the back kitchen of the restaurant I dish wash at, and I freaking love it. It is so damn gritty, has a great wailing vocalist, and reminds me of a grungy, bad-ass astronaut.

I’m now signing off! I hope my jobless chronicles inspire my fellow INTELLIGENT, HARD WORKING and QUALIFIED post-secondary students with a limited number of opportunities. The biggest lessons I’ve learnt are to keep applying, don’t be afraid to drop a job for a better one, keep searching for better opportunities, and above all, be as flexible as an acrobatic rubber band. Jack of all trades, baby!


Shiv 🙂


One response to “Chronicles of a jobless student III

  1. Being a food tour guide would be my dream job. Yeah, getting paid to eat is a dream …. You might be a Jack of all Trades today, but you’ll a master of something in the future.

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