Chronicles of a jobless student IV: End

So I can now say I am employed! Doing what, you ask?

I now work as a part-time waitress at a Vietnamese restaurant.Which is cool, since I now know more about Vietnamese cuisine than I ever would. And I’m also the tallest person at my workplace, at only 5’3. Needless to say, there are foot stools and mini ladders everywhere.

I also work at a golf course that I didn’t even apply to. The manager of the Vietnamese restaurant also runs the golf course near my house, and they always hire summer students to work at the course. Plus there are wedding receptions booked every Saturday night for the rest of summer so I serve at those, which is surprisingly easy and fun. I’ve seen 3 receptions, and each one is really fascinating. Yesterday night was the golf course’s first same-sex wedding reception! Two gorgeous brides 🙂 And we get free dinner each shift since there are always tons of leftovers. Hello, free gourmet multi-course dinners and desserts!

My main job at the golf course is actually working at the snack shack (euphemistically called “The Gazebo”) on the course, that mainly sells beer and hot dogs. I work by myself, and mostly end up reading a book, singing along with the radio and texting my friends. And I get tipped every shift, which I find amusing since it’s not a very demanding job. But I’m not complaining! I’m more perplexed if anything.

And so chugs along the summer before my looooooong awaited exchange! Thank goodness it’s late July.




Impatiently yours,

Shiv 🙂


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