4 commercials that use sensuality effectively

So after reflecting on how personal this blog is getting, LET’S GET PROFESSIONAL!

There are a lot of commercials that use sensuality to get viewers’ attention, and I think it works really well with sensory products like alcoholic beverages and gourmet food. So let’s get started!


This is such a cute and quirky idea, and you can tell that it’s old because all the guys are using paper and pen to get that number. But years later I still remember this commercial! It gets the point across that the gum is VERY icy cool and that bold, sensual people chew it. Well done, Dentyne.

3. BAILEY’S – Let your senses guide you

Another playful commercial! It also cleverly gets the message across that confident men drink Bailey’s, and that it fits right into cozy parties. I kind of want some right now.

2. Stella Artois

The retro song, look and oozing sensuality make this a beautiful and sexy commercial. Nuff said.

1. AXE Chocolate commercial


Ever yours,

Shiv 🙂


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