How to NOT die of jealousy

You know it’s bad to compare yourself to others, but you do it anyway: wish you had your friends job, that person’s looks or your coworker’s poise. I don’t like to admit that I’m jealous, but the truth is I’m always jealous of something.

There is a really easy way to get rid of jealousy of others though! Ready?

Do things that make you proud of yourself. Simple, right? You only need two things:

Long-term thinking

Lots of willpower

How can you be jealous of someone else when you know you’re pretty awesome yourself? Besides, there are real steps you can take to getting what you want instead of just wishing it will happen, and nothing’s stopping you from working toward your goals. Apply for jobs you want, work out and get practice handling pressure. If you dedicate yourself to a goal for a long time, you’ll get what you want eventually!

Magnanimously yours,

Shiv 🙂

BONUS TANGENT! Yeah you haven’t seen one of these in a while eh?

This post was inspired by the news that my very cute coworker at the golf course is quitting because he got an awesome job offer as a Marketing Assistant at a consulting firm. And I am (big surprise) ragingly jealous. So instead of getting angry that I don’t have his connections, charm or job offers, I wrote this post. Now excuse me while I go order some business cards ( and get to networking!


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