Why I don’t want the 9-5 salary life

If you’re the odd one out who wants something different from life than the 9-5 job, suburban home and a slow-paced life – OH HAI! We have that in common 🙂

Well this is awkward.

From the standpoint of this naive early 20s kid, that sounds pretty awful, and I get a lot of judgment from my friends and family for wanting something different. I want 2.5 things that most people do NOT want –>

1. A job that pays me to travel

2. A small apartment in a central location

2.5. A kitty cat (Most people want dogs. I do not understand why.)

As a business student at the highly competitive Sauder School of Business, my peers are eager to finish school, get hired to the 9-5 job, take their money and move up in big corporations. They wear their suits proudly, network with confidence and will be very efficient workers. But it has been nearly 4 years in this environment and it’s never caught onto me.

I want enough money to get by, but I want my own life. I don’t want to give my entire week to giant corporations who give so many people great jobs but don’t offer the world anything of real value. I want to be able to blend my professional and personal life because I love doing what I do. What I want is a career that I actually like, and how many people can say they like what they do, honestly? Not that they are good at their job, that they are comfortable doing what they do or like the amount of money they are getting but actually enjoy working and would do it without pay? I haven’t met many.

And travellers get a whole other kind of stigma. Some of it’s good, but it’s not a lifestyle that works with the norm. After all, if you travel…

  • What will happen if you have kids? Kids can’t travel
  • You can’t keep a relationship with that kind of lifestyle
  • What if you have to travel to dangerous places?
  • Your cat will get lonely

Is it very hard to find a job you like, with hours that let you live a life and afford the basics? I understand the concern behind people’s questions because the life I’m looking for isn’t very secure, but I see no need for judgment.

If you want something different from the norm and are driven enough to work towards it, I say good on you and wish you good luck!

Thoughtfully yours,

Shiv 🙂


Some people who live a life I want include…

1. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Ian Wright from Pilot Guides is my hero. Being paid to travel, mingle with locals and express the beauty of the world is THE BEST JOB ON EARTH. And he’s hilarious. http://www.pilotguides.com/tv_shows/globe_trekker/travelers/ian_wright.php

2. The Travelling Canucks http://travelingcanucks.com/ – The couple that travels together stays together


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