The professional and personal borders of a blog

Travel Journal

So far, my blog seems to have established itself as a personal blog when the reasons I started a blog were entirely professional: to get familiar with blogging platforms, learn basic HTML (which WordPress has thankfully saved me from doing), improve my writing and have some examples for employers to look at. I don’t think they really want to see my personal rants on life but rather my reviews on top business practices, excellent Marketing campaigns and analyses, and book reports on the best selling business bibles of the year.

Not to say that I won’t ever blog about those topics, but they aren’t what’s in my head 100% of the time. If Marketing was my passion, maybe they would be but it feels more like a skill I have to know, or something I do at school. What I really love is reviewing Travel blogs, tweeting with the top travel personalities and establishing myself in Tourism. Being a Marketing major compliments my passion, and I really do enjoy analyzing the trends in commercials and the success of companies. But do I want to base my entire blog on it? No.

What got me started on this topic are the innumerable blogs I’ve seen my peers start and abandon because they heard at a conference that starting a blog is a great idea, so they did. And they posted a couple blogs on their favourite businesses and some motivational posts but nothing that would set them apart from other business school graduates. I do hope my blog has something different to offer because if there’s something I can’t stand, it’s being like everyone else.

So this is my personal blog! It’s got a hint of professionalism to offset the self indulgence and an excellent after taste 🙂 I hope you keep reading!

Truly yours,

Shiv 🙂


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