Day 1: I buy Crack at the grocery store.

You know what’s AWESOME when you go abroad?


They definitely do it differently here in France. For example, selling liquor in the grocery store (to imagine it! Oh my goodness! And the prices!! :D). And go ahead and call me 4 years old, but Hot Curly Balls and Choco Crac greatly thrilled my friends and I, and guess what? I’m eating it for breakfast. Mmm.

Om nom nom

Oh baby!

I’ve spent most of the time setting up the basics, like internet, where to get food, exploring the campus etc. And I won’t bore you with the details. But today’s goal: Buy wine from the grocery store + other edibles and have a picnic francais at the golf course on campus, right outside this palatial building that only men in suits are allowed to go in. Pics to come!


7 responses to “Day 1: I buy Crack at the grocery store.

  1. Nice!
    Don’t feel to weird about it – you’re not the only one to get kicked about the awesome grocery store selections. 😀 First time a bit ago that I was travelling from New Delhi to London and Paris for some work I became an instant regular at their wine and whiskey sections with the friend who I was staying with while in London – and Paris, oh man that place was all about the cafe’s… loved it.

    All the best, cheers…

    • I can’t wait to get used to the cafe culture here! Some friends and I sat at a restaurant for nearly 3 hours and no one bothered us – if I do that in Canada, the waiters try and usher you out really quickly to get some more business in.

      And grocery stores in foreign countries are amazing, especially the liquor section! I’m glad someone else is man enough to admit it too 😀

      • You know folks who are not man enough to admit this? I don’t think the issue is manliness in their case, more like a severe lack of functioning brain tissue! I mean its bloody perfect! every single essential you could possibly need AND booze in an express lane all in one go. Its bloody brilliant!

        And now Im missing those cafes… I spent many an hour/evening just sitting there with a bottle of wine in a chilling bucket, a croissant now and again, a good book and watching the world go by… damn…

  2. Bienvenue a France!!
    I’m sorry but hot curly balls does not sound very appetising. (lol) Liquor from a grocery store I’m used to. But beer being sold here at McDonald’s still surprises and shocks me! Some weird things go on here and I’m still trying to adjust.

    Bon chance!

    • Hot curly balls sounds terrible! And I was with some French people who agreed that they were nasty, too. Beer is sold in McDonald’s in France? C’est vrai? That is pretty amazing. I love how casual the French are about drinks.

  3. I have to admit – when I saw the curly balls name mentioned my mind instantly went to Chef Aid over at South Park and his hit single “chocolate salty balls” 😀 sorry, couldn’t help myself!

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