Day 6: Speed dating and other things that make me uncomfortable

There are many things that make moving to another country scary, uncomfortable and ultimately exciting. For instance:

1. Going to an all French class, with French people. My french is pretty good, but I’m definitely not as fluent as, oh, my very French professor and my French classmates. I’m very lucky I kept up my French after high school through movies and music, because the speed they speak is FAST, YO. I walked out of that lesson with fresh determination to find real French people to help me out.

2. Sharing a bathroom with guys and girls. Everywhere I go in this city, the guys and girls bathroom are so open you can basically see guys peeing. And now, I found out there are 2 guys on a floor of 10 girls and they have 2 urinals beside the stalls. I am now afraid of going to the bathroom. But on the other hand, being so ‘c’est pas grave’ or ‘it’s not a big deal’ about different genders’ bodily functions is quite progressive – a body needs to do what it needs to do, right? It is only natural.

3. Speed dating. This is a pretty good story, actually. I have never speed dated before and I definitely didn’t go into it too seriously – I just thought it was another weird event the International Student society at HEC Paris set up for us to meet people. But it was actually really…awkward. Maybe if  I didn’t already meet all the guys at  the rest of the parties this week it wouldn’t have been, but I knew all of them from before so it was like hanging out with friends in a romantic setting but with the added bonus of ranking them and being ranked on date-ability. *Shudder.

But this week has been really exciting so far. I’m trying to arrange a massive wine-tasting party/picnic in my dormitory by getting everyone to buy a really cheap liquor and having everyone have a taste. The objective is to find the best tasting cheap thing to make the official drink of my dorm 🙂 Who needs to take expensive wine tasting courses when you can do it at home with a bunch of amazing people for around 2 euros?

Gros bisous!

Shiv 🙂


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