Pinterest and Online Tourism – an untapped market?

This could be big, people.

I am by no means a Pinterest expert but oh boy, is it addictive! How cool is it that I can snoop other people’s bookmarked link/image collections online? SUPER COOL. My personal opinion is that Pinterest primarily appeals to females right now because of our love of scrapbooking and collecting pretty things.

Pinterest tourism social media

But you know who could seriously take advantage of this? TOURISM WEBSITES. Tourism is an industry that thrives on people’s ideals, photography and consumer generated content. And what is a better site that brings these elements together than Pinterest?!

Tourism Pinterest Why Travel Social Media

Let’s analyze it from the prospective traveller’s perspective for a moment — when you need travel advice, what online sources do people usually turn to? Blogs, Twitter personalities, or mass travel advice sites (see my blogroll) – all of which require a lot of sifting through text. And if you just want some pictures, it’s flickr or Google images, right? The tourism industry does a dismal job of using photography to its fullest on the internet, but I think this could change if tourism campaign managers figure out Pinterest and pounce. Something I haven’t found (correct me if I am wrong) are contests for the best Pin board on a certain country. That’s a quick and easy contest for companies like  Incredible India, Tourism Vancouver, Flight Centre or Westjet to do.


What are your thoughts on Pinterest? What industries would it be most suited to?

Curiously yours!

Shiv 🙂


One response to “Pinterest and Online Tourism – an untapped market?

  1. Excellent article. Totally agree , I woudl use this to get reviews on books, movies, restaurants, jobs, universities, any “been there done that” scenarios…..
    Love the idea….

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