Mobile Marketing – Smartphones vs. Computers

I recently stumbled across the Youtube channel for Google Mobile Ads, and it is mind-blowing how much we use our smartphones! Some of the more shocking stats of 2011 include:

  • 33% of smart phone users use smartphones while watching TV
  • 1 in 3 people would give up chocolate in order to keep their smartphone
  • 39% of users use it while going to the bathroom
We are seriously obsessed.
smart phone mobile marketing

It's time to turn off your phone now.

It is an undisputed fact that smartphones are the newest competitor vying for our screen time, which means e-marketers are paying much more attention to it.

Featured as an exemplary case study on Google’s instructional mobile marketing website How to Go Mo, Ticketmaster’s subsidiary TicketsNow saw an opportunity for growth when it saw that 25% of ticket sales take place on a mobile device. But they made the conscious decision to build a mobile-device friendly website rather than an App. It seems like everyone has an App today. But TicketsNow recognized that although everyone is jumping on the mobile device bandwagon, internet and PC browsing isn’t dead yet and it generates a lot more sales than mobile devices right now. I will be shocked to see the day when we no longer use computers and do everything on our smart phone. TicketsNow did a smart thing by accomodating the early technology adopters rather than catering to only them. We can’t all keep up with the digital leaps, now, can we?

On that note: Will the evolution of the smart phone mean the death of the computer? 

Ponderingly yours,

Shiv 🙂


2 responses to “Mobile Marketing – Smartphones vs. Computers

  1. Hey, I’ve been wondering this myself…and I have come to the conclusion that our phones will just become our computers.

    I think in the not-so-distant future, our phones will be much more powerful and we’ll just connect them to screens of different sizes depending on our needs (school, work, shopping or home TV).

    I imagine that all connectivity and transfer of data will be done through cloud.

    In fact, probably ALL our data will be on cloud, and we’ll just log in to access it. Our phones will act as yet another screen that we carry with us for quick access.

    Would software like Microsoft office be on cloud though? hmm..maybe..

    Maybe I’ve diverged from the topic too much. Great post though 🙂

    • Microsoft office online is kind of what google is trying with google docs, hey? And the screen thing sounds pretty likely! Maybe our phones will project a holographic screen so we can stretch it to whatever size we want? The future is here, Paula! I got hooked on this youtube channel based on this vid, 10 future technologies that are already here: including making things invisible, hover cars and holograms!

      (excuse the geeky outburst, it’s what I do)

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