Pop music stars described in one sentence

Pretty much.

I naturally tend to summarize things in my head: make lists, use bullets and as few words as possible to capture the essence of what I’m trying to say. So to challenge this skill to its limit, I would like to describe the music of some music artists by summarizing them into one succinct sentence. Feel free to disagree with me or make up your own summaries 🙂


Neverending White Lights: Soft, blue and cold music.

Franz Ferdinand: Music to get up on a bar and dance like a fool to.

The XX: Hauntingly naked music, stripped down and left vulnerable.

Placebo: Listen to Placebo when you want to make fun of your own angst.

Eric Clapton: Timeless blues

Muse: The soundtrack to the epic moments in your life.

Kyo: Les chansons pour quand je veux sentir plus comme une jeune francaise.

Shakira: Sway those hips like you’re proud of it!

Katy Perry: Giving drunk people anthems since her debut.

Lana del Rey: Sultry hipster pop.

Marketing tangent: She is my favourite popstar, and not just because I like her songs. Her songs match her persona, fashion, lyrics, the music videos…she sends such a clear, cohesive image that touches the perfect nerve on the correct target market. 

Maroon 5: Songs for jane album only – Drips sex.

Coldplay: Space and water scapes.

Alicia Keys: Hot chocolate on a winter’s day.

Pink Martini: Entertaining the guests at your cocktail parties and living the yuppie life.

Jamiroquai: Complete satisfaction while you’re smoking hookah.

Rock on, kitty. Rock on.


Happy listening!

– Shiv 😉


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