Curious about me?

Nice to meet you, my friends on the interweb!

My friends call me Shiv (like the knife made in jail, or as I prefer, the Hindu god Shiva the Destroyer).

Me at my happiest in Hyderabad with hot coffee from a street vendor. Bliss.

I’m 4/4 through my Commerce degree at the most gorgeous university in Canada, the University of British Columbia. I’m majoring in Marketing and International Business, and I hope to enter the Tourism industry after I graduate.

Sauder School of Business

It's mah biznass school, yo

I LOVE (in order) chocolate, travelling, trying out new foods and restaurants, beer tasting, rolling around on my bed, and teaching myself cheesy dance routines on Youtube. I’m constantly trying to become fluent in another language and the closest I’ve gotten is being pretty damn good at French, passable at Spanish, and I can understand most of what’s said in Bengali, Hindi and Japanese (the result of MANY hours of hearing my family, watching Bollywood and anime in original Japanese with English subtitles).

So I hope that satisfied your curiosity 🙂


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