“Youtube’s days are numbered” according to post from 2007. LOL.

It’s so funny how times change, hey? I found this doomsday article written in 2007 that predicted that Youtube would fizzle out very soon.

The key reasons that the post says that Youtube’s days are numbered are:

  • Traditional media has figured out that it’s time to put video on the Internet and tack some ads onto it. They’re doing just that, and doing it well with sites like Hulu and The Daily Show.
  • Many of the best video podcasters and vloggers are staying away from YouTube, because they want to keep control of their content. That means even more competition for YouTube.
  • While YouTube is going to have to compete against more and more great video sites, it’s going to have to do it with a lot less content.
  • Viral videos like the Leave Britney Alone guy are going to get some serious competition from the freakshows of daily commercial television.

Oh, how wrong you were! I think the main reason user-generated content is so popular is because it’s not crap. Normal, regular people can offer interesting points of view, tips, and hilarious comedy. Look at panacea81‘s wildly popular, super low-tech makeup tutorials, or communitychannel‘s views every time she posts a 3 minute hilarious rant on life to see that we value good quality content, and you don’t necessarily need millions of dollars to make it.

I’m not a huge fan of 100% processed-by-a-media-machine content that makes what it thinks we will like. I like me some organic, wholesome content 🙂 How about you?

Organically yours,

Shiv 🙂